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I Eat Balls!



ImageToday my 1st grader came home from school with a note for Mom, from her teacher. My little one who is so cute and polite got into a tad bit of trouble today. Here’s how this went.

Mrs. Botelho,

Meyah caused a bit of an uproar in class today, she got very excited over a topic in class and yelled out, ” I EAT BALLS!”


At this point I had dropped the letter, and was simultaneously choking and spitting water from my nose. OMG!!

Now anyone that knows me, knows that my poor daughter did not say this knowing it could be, or WOULD be perceived as ” dirty ” LOL…I still can’t stop cracking up talking about this…… Our family, of course would obviously of known what Meyah was talking about, we can’t say the same for a few of the naughty kids in her class though…or I guess her teacher…LOL.

Here’s the rest of the letter..

Mrs. Botelho, I had to pause for a second and ask myself, ” did Meyah just say I eat Balls? ” I was rather in a state of shock but then had to calm a few of the children, who have obviously heard a term like this before down. 

I called Meyah over and asked her why she would say that, at this time she was just trying to figure out why some of her peers were laughing, and why I was a bit concerned. She did tell me that she call’s her favorite vegetable, Peas….Balls.

Could you please just have a talk with Meyah about the proper names of foods.

Thank you!

Mrs. Smith


Now I will explain myself….LOL—as soon as I calm down long enough to type this out for you.

Since Meyah could talk…..Broccoli was trees, cauliflower was snowy trees…and well… Peas …since Mommy had a big Green workout ball…was and still is- BALLS! 

I hope for my daughters sake this gets forgotten, all I can dreadfully picture is her going through elem, middle, and high school, & one of those little stinkers in her class making sure Meyah remembers this little event every day of her life, and Meyah hating me because I never corrected her.

This is one I will remember forever though. LOL

And so I leave all you Mom’s & Dad’s with this little tip:  Teach your little ones the proper names of EVERYTHING!




Comments on: "I Eat Balls!" (10)

  1. tara pittman said:

    too funny! I bet most of the kids had any clue what your daughter was saying. Such a same that people think that way

  2. This one’s really funny!! ♥♥♥

  3. Hahaha, love it. At the same time, the teacher needs to calm down! It was obviously innocent.

  4. So cute! I do think it was made into a bigger deal than it was though, sounds like they were laughing at balls thinking the not dirty kind 🙂

  5. patricia salyers said:

    Kids say the funniest things without realizing it and adults can get bent out of shape without realizing how innocent a kid is.

  6. OMG. I had to read this one to my husband. He was dying! LMAO!

  7. Hahaha, now everytime I see peas I think of this.

  8. lol the tittle of this threw me off a bit but this is a good article!

  9. LOL, this makes me think of all of the words my cousin said wrong like Um (Kim), Soondune (Susan), feetball, teethbrush…

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